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Nitin Mehta

Nitin Mehta is a passionate business leader and CEO of Tomini Group having previously served as CFO.
He joined in 2013, and during this period he has led the Group through significant revenue and geographic growth.
Extensive experience in diverse markets with a profound knowledge of finance and proven advisory skills allow Nitin to provide solutions by getting all stakeholders together to achieve common objectives.
Leading the Group’s core business interests in shipping and diversifications into other industries including classic cars, Nitin also oversees Tomini’s fleet under construction and manages over USD 300 million of assets.
Nitin believes in keeping things simple and attributes his success to mutually respectful relationships, which he has built over his extensive career. He is driven to uphold the highest level of ethics, credibility and transparency through a diverse and holistic range of competencies he has gained over the last 23 years across multiple geographies.
Prior to joining he held several executive positions for a number of banks including Standard Chartered Citibank and Mashreq bank. Nitin holds an MBA.

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