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Key Takeaways


Capt. Ammar Al Shaiba
CEO – Maritime & Shipping Cluster,
AD Ports Group

  • Emphasized collaboration and strategic planning in navigating industry challenges and opportunities.
  • Highlighted the need for synergy between shipping, ports, terminals, and financial communities.
  • Advocated for diversity and adaptability in mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities.
  • Underscored the crucial role of sustainability in driving the industry towards a greener future.

Petros Doukas
Former Mayor of Sparta; President of Capital Partners and former Deputy Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs,

  • Brought nuanced perspective on sustainable shipping and maritime investments.
  • Leveraged extensive experience as former Deputy Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs in Greece.
  • Demonstrated leadership in navigating complex financial and foreign affairs issues.
  • Adeptly guided conversation as moderator, ensuring fruitful exchange of ideas among industry experts.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Nadhairi
ASYAD Shipping & Drydocks

  • Addressed key challenges and opportunities for ship finance providers.
  • Emphasized the shift in banks’ perception towards green objectives and growing influence of ESG criteria.
  • Advocated for sustainable business models and financial strategies for retrofitting vessels.
  • Urged stakeholders to seize opportunities in carbon markets for sustainable financial growth.

Emile Hoogsteden
Sohar Port & Freezone

  • Explored innovative solutions aligned with Sohar Port & Freezone’s commitment to growth and environmental responsibility.
  • Emphasized adherence to IMO rules and adoption of Poseidon Principles in responsible ship financing.
  • Outlined Sohar Port’s pioneering initiatives in biofuel utilization, sustainable transportation, and transition to green fuels.
  • Addressed evolving demands of shippers and impact of politics and public opinion on regulatory trends.

Theo Xenakoudis
Chief Commercial Officer, Managing Director, Piraeus office
International Registries, Inc.

  • Provided insights from a flag state perspective, including political stability and international compliance.
  • Discussed fleet financing, trade compliance, and sustainability in the evolving landscape of ship finance.

Chris Peters
Head of Sales and Purchasing
Montfort Investments Ltd (DIFC)

  • Discussed Montfort’s recent acquisition in Fujairah and its impact on the low-sulfur fuel market.
  • Explored changing dynamics of ship financing, addressing market trends and regulatory shifts.
  • Highlighted influence of environmental considerations such as Poseidon Principles and alternative fuels.
  • Provided insights on innovative strategies for fleet growth amidst political unrest and climate change.


Bobby Varghese
Senior Vice President-Group Finance
Abu Dhabi Ports

  • Shared perspectives on ship finance’s future, emphasizing AD Ports Group’s role in innovative financing solutions.
  • Discussed current maritime finance landscape, including increased demand, economic headwinds, and shift towards sustainability.
  • Addressed challenges and solutions in financing development and expansion, such as investments, acquisitions, and public-private partnerships.

Dipak Karki
Business Advisor, Transportation

  • Illuminated future of ship finance sector, highlighting key challenges, emerging trends, and fintech’s transformative role.
  • Emphasized benefits of fintech for funders and arrangers, focusing on global networks, market alerts, and streamlined deal management.
  • Provided insights into managing primary syndications, conducting due diligence, and leveraging advanced market analysis tools.

Ian Edwards
Director of Middle East & Africa, Maritime

  • Provided insights into evolving landscape of ship finance and importance of environmental sustainability.
  • Discussed key aspects such as regulations, access to investors and capital, and significance of Poseidon Principles.
  • Highlighted broader impact of emissions regulations on business performance and critical role of emission data in managing financials.

Bard Poulson
Divisional Director, Marine Middle East &
Africa (MEA)
Gallagher Re DIFC

  • Shed light on insurers’ role in ship finance, emphasizing assistance to lenders and financiers.
  • Addressed meeting requirements like MII/MIAP and addressing concerns such as sanctions and ESG criteria.
  • Sparked discussions on intersection between insurance and finance in maritime industry.

Nitin Mehta
Chief Operating Officer
Lila Global

  • Delved into challenges in financing fleet expansion and vessel upgrades from shipowner and manager perspective.
  • Explored innovative approaches for sustainable growth, drawing from Lila Global’s experiences.
  • Provided actionable strategies for navigating complexities of ship financing in evolving global context.

Menelaus Kouzoupis
Stephenson Harwood

  • Offered insights into legal dynamics and decarbonization efforts shaping maritime industry’s future.
  • Highlighted pivotal role of maritime law in fostering collaborations between shipping and finance sectors.
  • Emphasized challenges and opportunities presented by maritime decarbonization, focusing on existing fleets and alternative fuels.


Ali Shehab
Global Director of Special Projects and Services,

  • Expertly moderated discussions among industry experts, fostering insightful dialogue and facilitating the exchange of valuable perspectives.
  • Leveraged extensive knowledge and expertise in the maritime sector to deepen attendees’ understanding of challenges and opportunities in building industry resilience.

Jamil Al Ali
Middle East Regional Commercial & Business Development Director
Bureau Veritas

  • Discussed classification societies’ pivotal role in crafting resilient ship designs and addressing environmental challenges.
  • Highlighted Bureau Veritas’s initiatives in supporting compliance with upcoming regulations like EEXI and CII.
  • Provided insights into making future-proof decisions, maximizing risk mitigation, and optimizing efficiency in ship designs.

George Bolton
Director, Sale and Purchase
Clarksons DMCC

  • Explored complexities of the S&P market and its future paths, emphasizing synergy between shipping and finance.
  • Analyzed how this synergy can bolster resilience against market fluctuations and environmental imperatives.
  • Shed light on high freight rate environment, potential future landscape of carbon-regulated shipping, and rise of eco ships in the Atlantic basin.

Ali Abouda
Group CFO
Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC

  • Highlighted Gulf Navigation’s financial journey and strategies for overcoming challenges in the maritime sector.
  • Discussed importance of gap assessment and potential challenges like geopolitical risks and economic downturns.
  • Emphasized commitment to empowering the Middle East’s oil and gas industry and prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Tejas Shah
Chief Financial Officer
Tomini Shipping

  • Delved into collaborative efforts required between shipping and finance sectors in the bulk shipping and trade perspective.
  • Addressed future shocks, risk management, and dynamic nature of the bulk operator sector.
  • Emphasized need for adaptability and strategic collaboration to ensure resilience in the face of industry challenges.

Nikeel Idnani
Honorary Secretary

  • Explored transformative impact of marine technology on vessel dynamics and ship finance stakeholders.
  • Discussed role of marine professionals in building resilience, emphasizing challenges and advancements in hull skin technology.
  • Highlighted benefits of foul release silicone technology in decreasing hull drag resistance and promoting environmentally friendly coatings.

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